Blake Rymer

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Blake Rymer
Residing In: Huntsville, AL USA
Spouse/Partner: Sandra Smith Rymer
Occupation: Director, Grace Link International since 1991
Children: 3 daughters - Parke, born 1972; Erin, born 1978; Meg, born 1984
Military Service: Army, Alabama National Guard, Army Reserves  
Blake Rymer


Yes! Attending Reunion
What special things have happened in you life over the past year?

Ordination by my church (Rivertree Church,

Tell us about the interesting places you have lived or visited since High School. Which is the most interesting and why?

Lived - Holmberg, Germany; Budapest, Hungary; Silvis, IL; Colorado Springs, CO;

Visited - Most of western and central Europe; Bogota, Columbia: Pichilemu and Vina del Mar, Chile; Israel; Bermuda; Vancouver, Canada; Sofia, Bulgaria

Favorite - Budapest, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia. The cultural differences and history.

What funny and/or interesting stories can you tell us about your job?

I have done Christ-centered counseling for 30 years and hearing all the personal stories I have heard has been extremely interesting, especially when people are ready to receive Christ and learn to follow Him; all the awkward times of trying to communicate in Hungarian, for instance when I went into an auto parts store to buy tires and they told they did not sell them when I could see that they did...and realized later that I had been asking for condoms in Hungarian!


Don't remember the years they were born, but grandchildren - PArke's kids : Noah, David, Joshua, Jacob, Seth; Erin's kids - Abigail, Hannah; Meg's - OLiver


Mainly seeking meaning in life, growing spiritually, doing ministry and missions.

What brings you the most joy these days?

Hanging out with my kids and grandkids; hitting a good golf shot; teaching the Bible

What are your favorite books or movies? Particularly which ones may have been life changing for you and why?

Basic Christianity, John Stott - informed my concepy of Jesus Christ; Birthright, David Needham - informed my ideas about my identity in Christ; Lifetime Guarantee, Bill Gillham - informed my understanding of the flesh; The Normal Christian Life, Nee - transformed my understanding of Romans; Man's Search for Meaning, Frankl - one of the best "non-Christian books ever; The Rest of the Gospel, Stone - further expansion of flesh v. spirit; Hemingway - just good, meaningful fiction about man's struggle for purpose; the Bible.
Can't say that any movies have changed my life but I love going and being caught up in the drama. The opera Les Mis was huge in that it does such a great job in effectively singing Hugo's marvelous novel.

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Mike, it is good to get caught up with you a bit. Would love to visit with with you guys! Are y'all close to St. Augustine by chance?

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