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Kennedy Assassination
Posted Saturday, September 14, 2013 08:36 AM


Lee Oswalt suggested that we might start a conversation here about the Kennedy Assassination.  It was one of the most important events during our Sr. year, and most everybody remembers exactly where they were when they got the news.  So, share with us where you were and what you remember about that day.

Personally, I was going from Mrs. Steger's class across the hall to Mrs. Pratt's Government and Economics class.  Everybody was in shock, and even though we were in a class about Government and Economics, I can't remember what we said about it.  Again, we were all too dazed.  Sandra Sandlin Wynn and I were dating then and I took her home that afternoon.  I remember Sandy crying a lot.  Compared to 9/11, we didn't hover around the TV as much.  In those days, we couldn't get coverage for extended periods of time like we do these days.  The news anchors would break into regular shows for pithy announcments.  Seems like we heard as much or more from the radio.  Well, that's what I remember.  What do you recall?

Kennedy Assassination
Posted Saturday, September 14, 2013 11:51 AM

My name gave me a more personal concern about the assassination of President Kennedy. I recall that he was disliked in the South for a number of reasons. In Huntsville I remember there was an additional dislike because he threatend our standing as the Space Capitol. On November 22 my father was at White Sands Missile Grounds viewing more missile tests. Because he was also Lee Oswalt and the early pronunciations were not clear, I remember asking my mother to check on him.

I was in study hall when I heard the announcement and there was a loud cheer from down the hall probably because of the dislike I mentioned earlier. I was glued to the television for the remainder of the weekend and ever since I have read most books on the subject. I received "thank you" notes in the mail and a toy rifle.

 To this day I still get noticed because of my name.

Lee "Hardy" Oswalt

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RE: Kennedy Assassination
Posted Saturday, September 14, 2013 01:45 PM

I, too, remember going into Mrs. Pryor's government & economics class, only to find her crying at her desk.  In between sobs, she explained to the class what she knew about the assassination.  Everybody was in total unbelief and shock, probably the quietest class I've ever been in.......nobody knew what to say.

On another note related to the assassination, how do you feel about the Warren Commission's conclusion that there wasn't a conspiracy and that Lee Harvey Oswald was the only individual involved? 

Personally, I without doubt believe a conspiracy occurred to kill Kennedy and cover up any evidence of same and discredit/eliminate key witnesses.  To summarize, there were several individuals who told law enforcement of Kennedy's killing just days before it happened.  Rose Cherami, who said she worked for Jack Ruby, told authorities of the assassination 2 days before it happened;  she was later run over by a car.  Joseph Milteer, director of the Dixie Klan of Georgia, told a police informant 13 days before the assassination that Kennedy's murder was "in the working".  He later died when a heater exploded in his house.  According to writer/researcher Jim Marrs, 103 people died "convenient deaths" under suspect circumstances.  Also, some eye witnesses were humiliated, discredited, intimidated, and harrassed by members of the Commission, Secret Service, and FBI.  Those, who had taken movie film of the motorcade, had their film confiscated and never returned.  

 Critical testimony was ignored by the Warren Commission.  Jim Marrs also wrote that the Commission failed to ask for the testimony of witnesses on the triple overpass whose statements pointed to a shooter on the grassy knoll.   Writer/researcher Bill Sloan told of the late Ed Hoffman, a deaf-mute eyewitness, who was warned by an FBI agent that he "might get killed" if he revealed what he had observed.  Hoffman, through sign language, told of seeing gunmen behind the wooden fence in Dealey Plaza as the motorcade passed by.

There's a tremendous amount of misinformation that the government passed out to the public and other information that it withheld, but much too numerous to mention here.  

RE: Kennedy Assassination
Posted Sunday, February 23, 2014 10:36 AM

I remember being in Mrs. Pratt's class also.  She said that she remembered exactly where she was when she heard that Roosevelt died, and we would remember hearing about Kennedy being shot in her class.  Also, one of the students said that those things happened in some third world country, not in the US.