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Using the Site

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Using the Site
Posted Monday, September 16, 2013 06:11 PM

What experience do you have to share about using this site?  What have you discovered that might help others to enjoy it more?  Here is where you can post this information.  

It is also a place where you can ask questions.  Have you had trouble using one of the areas?  is there something you have been trying to do that you don't know how to do?  Let us know.  We want you to get the most enjoyment out of the site that you can.  

And most important, is there something you would like for us to improve?

Using the Site
Posted Monday, September 16, 2013 06:32 PM


Our website is actually very easy to use but postings can be missed. At the top of the home page two items can be confusing.

The Clubhouse Bulletin Board forum is for general statements, questions and responses. It is easy to find responses in this forum only if you check the web site often. After a few questions or responses by others the response you want will be buried far down the page.

The Local Pub forum is organized by topic. You select the topic on the right hand side and all postings are displayed that relate to it. You can respond to the topic at the bottom of the page. Your responses to individual topics are important because they trigger the memories of other classmates.

An example of how the two forums can be used together follows. Classmate 1 writes in and asks how to pay for the reunion. That procedure may not be finalized and Charles will answer saying that the Local Pub forum will contain that topic as soon as the procedure is finalized. Of course a subject as important as this will probably be handled differently but you can see how any subject could be handled. Charles can add topics related to our senior year and our reunion as they are needed or per your request.

Every classmate has access to these two forums.

Within the classmate profiles there are also two ways of posting comments or questions for individual classmates, public and private. Because the private choice at the end of each profile is honestly private, a description of what happens is not certain. It does not mean you will get a response only that you have sent a private message that cannot be seen by any other classmate.

The public response gets a little confusing. If classmate 1 posts a public comment to classmate 2 the comment and any public response will be viewable on classmate 2’s profile page only. It will not appear on classmate 1’s profile page or in the Community Bulletin Board forum. If classmate 2 wants to be certain that classmate 1 gets the response, they should go to classmate 1’s profile page and post it. In other words if you post something to a profile page always double check that same profile page for a response if you don’t find it on your own profile page.

If you have questions about our web site please direct them to Charles Gattis, our website administrator. You could use the Community Bulletin Board to do this. You also could address specific items in the Local Pub forum.

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Using the Site
Posted Tuesday, September 24, 2013 01:11 PM

Please go to the Charlotte Rush profile and enjoy the four videos she has posted. The music is great and the videos are great examples of what you could post to your profile.

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Using the Site
Posted Tuesday, October 8, 2013 03:59 PM

On occasion the basic data you have input may be edited. Nothing in your narratives will be changed but your address might be changed to meet postal guidelines or the format of a telephone number may be changed.  A recent example was a change from pobox to PO Box. Sometimes my fingers get a little behind my brain when I input data and the same may be true for others. In any event, if you feel something has been incorrectly edited let me know by sending me a message and I will correct it.

Some of us don't remember everyone in our class but we may remember hearing a name. You went to school under a name that others used. After school the names changed due to marriage or the loss of a nickname. There are no rules about names but we want you to list the name(s) you want us to use. In my case I went to school as Hardy Oswalt (a nickname) and later changed to my given name of Lee. To help people remember me I list my name as Lee (Hardy) Oswalt. You may feel another method is better for your situation.


A good idea would be to review your own profile a few days after posting it. Look at what other classmates have posted and edit or add to your original data. We are all interested in what has happened that was important to you in the past 50 years.

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