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Stephen Grenyo

Stephen Grenyo

Fellow classmates I am sad to report that our classmate Steve Grenyo passed away Saturday, December 16, 2017 in Las Vegas of complications associated with pancreatic cancer. Steve was preceded in death by his sister Mary. He is survived by his sister Martha Acee of Miramar Beach FL.  A memorial service was conducted for Steve on December 20, 2017 at the Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Boulder City NV where he will be interred.  Steve arrived in Huntsville from Minnesota in 7th grade to start at Huntsville Junior High. He still has many relatives in Minnesota to include 32 cousins. Steve graduated in 1969 from University of Alabama where he was a Beta Theta Pi along with 2 of our other classmates, Paul Bates and Marty Phillips. From 1970-1979 Steve lived in Colorado Springs CO in the Air Force at the Air Force Academy with some of that time as a civilian. In 1979 he moved to Las Vegas where he has lived since.  Steve played basketball at Huntsville High School. He enjoyed golf all his adult life. He was an avid Alabama football fan and never missed an opportunity to say, “Roll Tide!”. Steve was very sentimental about our class of 64. He treasured the lifelong friendships he made there.  He will be missed!  I thought you might enjoy something Steve put in his own profile on our class web site:

School Story:

"Favorite class memory is Algebra/Trig taught by Ms Mamie Stieger. Every class was a "blast" with more laughs than any show I've seen in Vegas. If Ms Stieger called you to the blackboard, you were instant fodder for the comedic wrath of the Class of '64.

Fred Runkle was the MC; all of us in that room were class clowns."


Mike Langley

HHS Class of 64

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12/21/17 03:42 PM #3    

Bill Lewis

What a man!  My memories of Steve are that he always seemed to say the right thing and do the right thing, something we all could strive for.  As good as Bill Lowe was at basketball, he would really get aggravated because Steve was so quick to a rebound.  I will miss him but will always have his memory.

12/21/17 05:46 PM #4    

Sandra McLemore (Dahlin)

I am so sad to hear about Steve's passing. I am so glad I got to sit with him

at the last reunion. It was good to catch up and hear about his life. He will be missed.

12/21/17 08:07 PM #5    

Bill Gardepe

In my life I have been lucky and fortunate  in many ways. One of those ways has been the almost 60 year friendship I have had with Steve Grenyo, Paul Bates, and Mike Langley. We have all stayed in touch and been through the peaks and valleys of life together and no matter how high the high or low the low,  it never affected our friendship. To say I will miss Steve is doesn’t begin to convey my sadness. 

12/22/17 07:17 AM #6    

Paul Bates


Thank you Bill, thank you Mike and thank you Steve. We have been friends in both good times and bad from puberty too advanced, not old age. We have laughed and cried together over both the important and the trivial for close to two generations. We celebrate your life and mourn your passing. As when we speak, we also thank our parents who raised such wonderful friends and became a part of our lives as well.  God watch over you and rest  in peace. Everyone who reads this should have a smile on their face because Steve made everything around him better.  From double dates with you and Parnell to trips to New Orleans to all the Bama games to all the times we spent just hanging out, all memories are treasures that are precious to the keeping.  To each of you who have such long friendships, hold them close, they are more valuable than gold.  It was special growing up with all who read this, we had it very good.

Paul Bates🏴🏁 


12/22/17 07:19 AM #7    

Charlotte Rush

What a man! So very glad I got to see him at the reunion. Memories of all that he is and was will be fondly remembered.

12/22/17 08:21 AM #8    

Mike Langley

On this sad occasion there is little I can add to what Bill Gardepe and Paul Bates have posted about our friendship with Steve. Somehow over the years we gave ourselves the title "The Four Horsemen". I think it was just an indication of how the 4 of us have remained friends for 59 years. The glue that held us together was our experience at Huntsville Junior High and Huntsville High. I sincerely believe that our class of 1964 was special in so many ways and lifelong friendships were carved out of that experience. Steve's passing has brought that concept again to the front. We grieve over the loss of our good friend but cherish the memory of his friendship. Paul said it best in his post when he wrote:  "To each of you who have such long friendships, hold them close, they are more valuable than gold.  It was special growing up with all who read this, we had it very good."

12/22/17 02:37 PM #9    

Charles Gattis

Paul Bates had trouble getting to the site and asked me to post this for him. As do many of us, he feels as thought he has lost a good friend.

Thank you Mike, thank you Bill, and thank you Steve. Our memories extend from puberty to maturity, something less than old age. We have laughed and cried together over the important and the trivial. We took each other as we came, never wishing anything other than the best for each other. Our parents were as important to our relationship as the uniqueness of our bond. I know many of you out there have been fortunate enough to have friendships such as ours. Hold them close. We will miss Steve and mourn his passing. Our lives and many of yours are richer because we knew Steve.

12/23/17 11:07 AM #10    

Susan Wilson

Steve was a good, kind, and honorable man whose presence brought joy to all who knew him. He will be greatly missed.

12/24/17 01:40 PM #11    

Jay Bright

thanks classmates for the sweet memories of Steve, especially Mamie Steiger s class. Steve was one of the Yankees like me Who came south to hjh in 7th of the quick ones!

01/30/18 02:26 PM #12    

Cathie Parnell (Berns)

     I experienced Steve as a gracious, kind person who delighted in the world. His enthusiasm, energy and curiosity seemed endless. Since his death I have looked back in time via the 1964 Pierian. We were all young, inexperienced and optimistic. We grew up in an environment enriched and sometimes stressed by many, many events that are now historical footnotes. Woven through our history are shared smiles and tears, the hallmarks of living life fully. I witnessed the friendship Paul, Mike, Bill, and Steve built. It was full of honesty, laughter, learning and support. In Steve’s company my parents never knew exactly who we were talking about because the “4” had so many nick names for each other, especially Paul.
    The little that I know about Steve’s life since 1974 emphasizes what an honorable man he was. His actions honored those he loved even when the doing  required personal sacrifice. The world was a brighter place in his company and remains a better place for the things he gave to all.

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